When it comes to commercial jobs, we believe there are three major contributors to a project’s success or failure: schedules, call backs and budgets. If any of those things go off the rails, a project usually has a negative outcome for all involved. We have found that most issues caused by these three things can be eliminated with good communication.

We communicate with our customers and the other firms working on the job to ensure that we stay accountable for delivering our product on time every time. It is a matter of pride for us to meet or beat our deadlines.

We have implemented several processes to ensure a correct install the first time in order to eliminate punch lists and call backs. Sure, we have a warranty like everyone else, but we’d really rather not have to use it.

We work with our customers to get the entire scope of the project before it starts, in order to keep the dreaded change-orders to a minimum. We hate delivering change orders just as much as you hate receiving them.